You Can Get the Get Inquiry About your PNR Status Here. You Have To Enter your 10 Digit PNR number that is given on the top right corner of Ticket. You can check your Reservation Status with a Single Click after Entering the PNR Number.

Enter The 10-digit PNR Number
Railway Codes Symbols

PNR Status

You can get your Pnr status through the above section. passengers have to enter the PNR number that is mentioned in the right corner of ticket or given during the online reservation. after entering the PNR number you can get your PNR status and following things are mentioned on the PNR page such as seat number, coach number, birth, train number and all details of passengers. Here are some railway codes / symbols.

What To Do If PNR Status Shows Not Confirmed ?
If The status shows that ticket not confirmed before the Journey date then passengers should check the PNR Status again if status confirmed. if chart is prepared and still the ticket not confirmed then you should not check the PNR status again because after charting done then their is no chance to confirmation. If Ticket not confirmed then passengers should try For Aaj Ka Reservation because this reservation done at station. Now your are thinking what is aaj ka reservation so here we are clearing the term Aaj Ka Reservaion. In this type of reservation A separate window is open to reserve the vacant seats in the train. So if your ticket is not confirmed then Aaj Ka Reservation is the last option to travel in the train with reserved ticket.

Various Quotas In IRCTC Reservation:
When you are booking a ticket a through IRCTC then you see three option in the Plan My travel Column. 1.General Quota 2. Tatkal Quota 3.Ladies Quota. Some trains give facility of Ladies quota. In the General Quota the reservation starts before 2 month of train departure and this quota stands till the Charting done. In the Tatkal Quota Passengers can book tickets that is reserved for tatkal scheme. In this Quota reservation can be done only through the Tatkal option. Tatkal Reservation starts before one day of train departure and usually it starts at 10 AM (8 AM for Some trains). In the tatkal Booking always a rush creates for reservation because the reservation does not open before 10 AM So passengers who wish to book the tickets are anxious about the Reservation.

Ticket Type In IRCTC reservation:
In the IRCTC Ticket Booking there are two types of Tickets IRCTC offers. 1. E-Ticket 2. I-Ticket. In the E-Ticket you can take a printout of ticket and show it when TC requires it. passengers can also travel with the SMS system. In This system IRCTC send a SMS to passenger and Passengers can travel by showing this SMS. In the I-Ticket Railway Deliver the Ticket in the given address of Passenger. Courier / Post charges Applied in this type of Ticket.